Wednesday, April 03, 2013

spring heart break

tashi and tristan both have spring break this week. we've been in a bit of a bubble because tashi has been suffering from a terrible head cold/sinus infection/ear infection for over a week now. last year she had a sinus infection and we were able to clear it up with natural means, but this year we pulled out every trick in the book before finally resorting to antibiotics for the first time in her 15 years. she did respond quite well to a baked onion on the ear, but while it took the pain away, the infection remained. it's been really sad seeing her go through the phases of this illness, from bothersome cold symptoms, to high fever, pain, and extreme exhaustion. she seems to be recovering a bit more each day, but is still not totally herself. not an ideal spring break, but i suppose it is better than missing a week of school and falling terribly behind.

easter sunday was a gray day of  hardboiled eggs, chocolate induced tantrums, a warm fire in the woodstove, a sick tashi falling in and out of sleep, and souvlaki for dinner.

tristan has been very anxious to use the hoe he got for his birthday, so today we decided to work on our little garden plot, a space in our yard that has been piled with leaves for a couple of years. a few months ago dan sawed a fallen tree into sections and arranged them around our plot-in-the-making. tristan and i raked aside some of the leaves today, and broke up the soil in one corner with his hoe and a hand cultivator. tristan asked what we were going to plant, and since i had no seeds or starter plants on hand, it was easy to decide on the organic yukon golds sprouting in our potato bowl in the kitchen. so there you have it, the beginnings of a garden, with potatoes planted. mostly i hope to plant medicinal herbs in this space, as it is a pretty small space at this time, and we have no fencing to keep out the wildlife. 

tashi came out of the house for some much needed fresh air and vitamin d. i think it did her some good.

afterwards there were snacks and warm, spiced apple cider inside.

and then tristan got creative with some special rocks and shells we've been moving from house to house for years now (he likes to make funny faces in all his photos now).

far better than sitting in front of a video, don't you think?

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