Friday, March 29, 2013

family of four

tristan turned four on tuesday. what an amazing journey it has been with this boy on board. we had blackened catfish for dinner, per his request. and chocolate cake of course (with orange chocolate buttercream frosting, i might add). there were puzzles & books & pirates & a kid's digital camera. yia yia sent some gears and nanna sent a bug vacuum, huge hits indeed. and both grandmas sent a great infusion of matchbox cars. i wanted to have a lap quilt ready for tristan on his birthday, but failed. it is in progress (pictured below) and should be complete soon. we had a nice family evening celebrating tristan and his playful spirit. and now we embark on year four as a family of four.

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Danny said...

Happy belated birthday, Tristan! And Happy Spring to all of you! The pictures and words are beautiful, as always. Talk to you soon - Love Love Love - Larry, Shirley, and Danny