Wednesday, July 03, 2013

lofty moments

last weekend we camped in the shenandoah national park at a favorite campground, 
loft mountainwe knew that probably our friday evening arrival would preclude 
a site on our favorite western facing stretch, and that indeed was the case. 
but we discovered a no-generator-zone, and found a quiet site that suited our needs.

 it was open and roomy on the hilltop, but for a very special shady grove behind our tent 
where we could do yoga, read, nap, and commune with the elements.

we had good food, good drink, and good fun.

the moon was glorious, 
but i had tripod issues.

no matter, the morning moon was also impressive.

the best part was the wildlife. 
while waiting for the sunset a mama bear and her cub came within a few yards of us. 
we started to quietly move away, but they ran off before we did. 
there were a multitude of deer, bunnies, and some very animated birds.

we couldn't see the blue ridge from our site, 
but it was easy to hop onto the appalachian trail to take in the vista.

there was a spectacular sunset, and we could see a variety of weather systems 
resting over the shenandoah valley.

loft mountain does have some hike in sites, but with a small child who likes to have some 
wheels where ever he goes, the pull in sites are some of the best around.

we enjoyed being there up to the last minute, when our car was packed, 
and it was time to trek the short 40 mile drive home. 

i feel very fortunate to have this amazing mountain range in our back yard. 
it is equally subtle and dramatic and holds so many beautiful surprises. 
you just really don't know until you discover it for yourself!

p.s. tashi wasn't with us because she has been spending time with extended family 
in wisconsin. she comes back to us friday and we really can't wait!

i'd like to wish you all a happy interdependence day, with this fun video!

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Becky said...

These photos are fabulous. We truly are lucky to have these mountains in our back yard.