Thursday, June 27, 2013

tristan's lap quilt

this is the lap quilt from amy karol's bend the rules sewing. i've made two others, one for tashi, and one for my mom. i rushed to complete my mom's and managed to do so within a week. tashi's was my first quilt ever, so it did take me a couple of months to bring it to completion, bit by bit. 

i thought i would get tristan's done in just a couple of weeks and that it would be ready for his fourth birthday. but it just didn't happen that way. i was busy. i was tired. i couldn't make up my mind about the fabrics and their arrangement. and when i did get to sewing it, i had some terrible mishaps. the backing fabric bunched up horribly so i had to spend too much time undoing my quilting lines and starting over. and when the presser foot on my sewing machine started spinning off center and causing me to sew lines that wandered way off trail, i'd really had enough.

luckily the machine i gave tashi for her birthday worked like a charm, and i was able to complete the lap quilt, eventually, over time, with much procrastination.

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Daily life not so magic.