Friday, September 13, 2013

where we are

it's been one of those weeks where my mind reached a peak of mama madness and then climbed back down quickly. wasn't sure i was going to make it to level ground without falling, but i did. yes i did. and now i'm back on the path, one foot after another. breathe. breathe. 

here are some scenes from around the ranch.

happily, the antique singer is humming again. i'm very pleased, but wish my machine with fancy stitches worked as i've been inspired and want a little more stitching freedom. ah well. i'm beginning to prepare for the holiday market (oh i am so very behind on production) and am adding in these new reversible mug mandalas. many more to come, and what a great way to use up all those fabric scraps! i plan to add in cloth napkin rings as well.  hoping to expand the offerings for those who are not seeking baby gifts!

the blankets are off to a slow start. but there will be blankets. and bibs. yes indeed.

meet buck nekked. 
yea, that's how we roll some days. 
he harvested potatoes. just a few. 
they were delicious.

he washed off in the wading pool afterwards. wow was it hot this week.

but today it has dropped like 20 degrees. lovely autumn is approaching. the small garden is drying out. there is one tiny pumpkin turning orange. green tomatoes dangle among dying leaves, slowly turning red. small zucchinis and cucumbers continue.

and the acorns are beginning to rain down. i think we may need hard hats!

autumn light invigorates us before the darkness of winter settles in.

and this is our cat loki, who lives up to his name. he is a very, very naughty 11 year old cat. but isn't he ever so handsome? his sister luna is hiding somewhere.

the corgi is our neighbor dog, dorothy, who likes to visit us sometimes and clean our floor by snuffling around for crumbs. she and loki recently met. i was proud of my boy cat who is generally terrified of dogs. he hung out for a while, staring her down. she looks a little nervous. 

and now i am dreaming of having a dog!

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