Wednesday, September 18, 2013

considering balance as autumn equinox approaches

as much as i was holding on to summer, i have to admit, the autumn season brings a satisfying order. we are much better at organizing our days and getting out of the house, at least most of the time. and i am far more prone to focusing on crafts and walks (rather than picnics and swimming) to enliven our days. yesterday we got ourselves into our woods. 

it had been a while, really. there were changes. areas of tall grass that arose after the abundant summer rains. large fallen branches that had been precariously propped up by surrounding trees lay shattered on the forest floor. and our little "beach" and wading area along the creek had taken on a new shape altogether.

it was temperate and dry with exquisite light falling and rolling back at repeat intervals. no humidity. no rumbles of an impending storm. a great sense of ease in the outdoor world.

we gathered pods and acorns and bark and bits of forest and returned to our deck to fashion a mobile. tristan was frustrated with the project and proclaimed it "stupid," but i knew he would be pleased with the end result.

it hangs in the middle of our living room, dancing through the days with us, seeking balance as autumn equinox approaches. seeking balance, as we all must.

it makes tristan jump with joy!

all the beautiful back lighting (and living room clutter) made it very difficult to photograph! 

inspiration was found here.

i really love how it is a constant reminder of the need for balance. i hope to bring my family relationships, home life, and creativity back into balance this autumn season. summer was full of distraction and distance, even though we were all very close together much of the time. autumn is the season to gather together, to collect the autumn harvest, to cook, create, feast, and celebrate. and my mother is moving here from michigan! i look forward to each of these days, the opening of the busy but productive field. 

what do you hope to bring in balance as the equinox approaches? 
as the light balances with the dark, it is an amazing opportunity to adjust your intentions! 

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