Friday, February 28, 2014

sunlit path

there is a nice network of trails behind my mother's residence. 

last weekend we had a couple of amazing spring-like days and so we met her for a stroll. things were a little swampy in spots with the recent snow melt, and the little creek was full.

at the end of it all tristan had fun with yia yia's new magnetic screen door. 
hopefully it will keep the stink bugs out.

speaking of yia yia, here is her latest knitting creation. she designed this sweater herself. isn't it lovely? i took some buttons off of an old sweater of mine and attached them. 
tashi wasn't happy that i had her stand outside in the cold to take a picture, 
but she does love the sweater.

we have been meeting up with our pals and enjoying the border
between winter and spring. days have been breezy, bright, exceptionally cold 
AND exceptionally warm! there really is no knowing what is next. 

it is time to start thinking about seeds: literal and symbolic. 
what will you plant in the coming season?

wishing you a happy weekend!

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