Wednesday, February 05, 2014

handmade holidays, at last

i realize that we are now far past the holidays and looking toward spring, but i thought i'd share a quick run down of the very few things i made as gifts this past yule season. i usually try to make at least one thing for each member of my immediate family. the projects were pretty small this year. there simply was no time with a busy work-life schedule, so much sewing for the holiday market, and christmas sneaking up on us as it did! 

for tashi i made a fabric garland. she moved into the downstairs room this past fall and many of her gifts were geared toward updating her teen space and finding some decor for the walls. her room is still in flux so the garland hasn't quite found its permanent home yet, but for now she has it draped across a corner.

for dan i made a didgeridoo case. this was pretty exciting. i found directions here

my fabric wasn't quite long enough, so i added on fabric pieces to both ends, to give it a symmetry. i sewed the pieces on so that the selvage fringe would show. i like the way it turned out.

and i think dan is pleased to be able to sling his didgeridoo over his shoulder.

for tristan i made an apron. i made several for the holiday market and each time i made one, he would ask where his was. and so it was thus. the body of the apron is from a vintage fabric scrap my sister-in-law mailed me.

right now he prefers to wear it as a cape!

i offered to make my mom a curtain to cover the open space under her kitchen sink. 
it's cheerful!

i handed out lots of mug mandalas to family as well. i didn't sell a single set of them at the holiday market, but no matter, i think they made nifty little gifts and it was fun to see them used here and there. my mom's match some place mats i made her one year, and they look nice as part of the table setting.

simple, minimal, handmade.

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