Tuesday, May 06, 2014

May. Be.

I glance back at my last entry and see snow. 

As I write now the blossoms are still heralding the spring. There is an intense greening and the rivers are swollen with recent rainfall. Daily I slip into sandals and short sleeves and welcome the dawn.

April was a very full month. It began with a trip to New York City. We walked so much, visited with great friends, spent quality time with my Dad and Shirley, went to parks, museums, restaurants, and hallowed halls full of books. My dad took me to a play. We took Tashi to the Strand. We ate well and wandered through canyons of tall buildings. There are so many photos and you can find them here.


I love going to New York. I also love coming home. 

Our yard harbors dense corners of autumn leaves in every season. Tristan had some fun spring-leaf-jumping as I cleared out a corner of our woods and welcomed the moss.

On April 26 Dan had his 50th birthday. Seeing my spouse into this new decade is an honor. My love deepens with each corner that we turn, though sometimes we'll bicker over the color of the sky. Marriage is a journey. It is the ultimate comfort but also the ultimate healing. Sometimes the healing is harder than anything you'll ever go through. But as we climb this tall ladder the views intensify and the possibilities grow.

There was much revelry and rejoicing around Dan's birthday. Family and far flung friends visited. We had big celebrations and a small celebrations. We ate out, we ate in, we had craft beer, and fine wine. There were musical jams and sunsets brought in on sitar. There was deep dark chocolate mocha cake and there was zingy zanzibar cake. We hung out with my mom, with Dan's parents, and the kids got to see their uncles. Tashi went on her orchestra trip and Tristan lived his first full month as a five year old. April was pretty much one big celebration mixed in with a lot of hard work. Might this be balance?

And now it is May. I am learning so much at my job and feeling inspired in my home. Pulling my doula shrug around my shoulders, I enter a new on call period and anticipate the power of labor and delivery and the most incredible miracle of life emerging. I am hula hooping to newly discovered music, entranced by the transformation of the landscape, remembering what it's like to take photos with a camera set to manual, enthralled by spring storms, all the while in awe of my two bright kids, my spouse, and my community.

I have not been very crafty and my sewing machine seems to be frowning at me, but I know the time will come for that rhythmic hum. Right now I am content to stitch together all that is nourishing and positive in a day while the sun's radiance ushers in this season of light.

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