Sunday, May 18, 2014

music. music. more music.

as summer approaches fridays after five on our downtown mall is in full swing. it's not always a great night at fridays, but this one was. it was nice to run into friends, the weather couldn't have been better, and the music by art wheeler and band was fantastic. 

we ate curry and australian pies, tossed a frisbee, hunkered down on the blanket, 
played cell phone scrabble, and relaxed.

saturday jam thicket played at mud house crozet in a daylong music showcase. they were really good. 

as an aside, earlier in the week, on wednesday, they played at a full moon party on an amazing property in free union. there was fire spinning, hula hooping, good food, a bluegrass trio, dogs, chickens, djs, and cows. an awesome midweek boost, for certain. here is a video from that:

and here are a few pictures i snapped after we stepped out of mudhouse.

our saturday was topped off with a celebration for a very sweet four year old. 

today is a day of laundry, baths, and domestic duties. 
but there is more music tonight: tashi's spring orchestra concert!

here is a throw back photo of her practicing, taken over four years ago.

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