Thursday, August 07, 2014

secret reading series 2

Secret Reading Series   :::   Nightshift 2

I love music and seeing musicians perform. I admire those that can deliver their words thus. 

Sometimes when I write a poem that I'm satisfied with I want to run out and read it at an open mic. Even though I nearly die whenever I have to speak out loud in front of a group of people.

In cities past I used to run out and read freshly written poems. Open mics often satisfied that inspired longing to share the words, whether with strangers, or community. Reading in front of people broke the isolation. It made me feel more rock & roll. 

So as a way of meeting that urge now, I bring you the Secret Reading Series. 

Secret Reading Series 2 from Zoe Krylova on Vimeo.


Kif said...

so lovely, lovely!

zoe, listening to you read... reminds me of what is missing for me, what I had forgotten I enjoyed so much...

wonderful to hear you read your poetry.

thank you SOOOO much!

loving your nightshift series

such incredible imagery - i love all the traces of the wild and magical in your chosen words.

"you slipped into the arms of firsts

through the moss of dreams, we push up, the underside of was"


(and love this reading at night.. with the lull of the crickets like waves in the background)

all that is missing is some space at the end, some silence to let it all sink in. a pause for me to digest and then CLAP enthusiastically.

BRAVO! : )

zoe krylova said...

Thank you SO much for your very sweet comments! And thank you also for your suggestion to include some silence at the end. It's scary for me to be in front of a camera so my tendency is to turn it off immediately. But a quiet pause at the end is a good idea! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog! I took a quick peek and it is very enticing!