Sunday, December 03, 2017

December Songs 3 (2017)

December Songs 3 is devoted to Meg Baird who I saw at the Broadberry in Richmond in mid June along with Steve Gunn and Lee Ranaldo. I had never heard of Meg Baird prior to this show. She was another performer this year, like Jon Collin, who riveted me. Long ago I fell in love with Joni Mitchell, Sandy Denny, Jaqui McShee––Meg Baird scrawled a fresh layer on the sacred palimpsest of graceful, powerful, magical female folk singers.

There are many lovely songs and performances by Meg Baird captured on video, but this one really takes me to a place of comfort and quiet I long for. I love the aesthetic of the video narrated by her haunting vocals.

You can see photos from the Broadberry show in my Flickr album.

Here is an interview with Meg Baird that was posted just before I saw her live

And here is a groovy video she made with her former band, Espers.

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