Thursday, October 05, 2006

moon trip

tomorrow night is the harvest moon and we're going to be in kentucky.

that's right.

tomorrow morning we're packing up the car with all our camping gear and canned food and heading west over the appalachians.

we'll be meeting our pals laura and dan from ann arbor at a campground in carter's caves state park. we'll pitch tents and worship the moon. and on saturday we'll check out the caves. one has a 30 ft waterfall!

i didn't go camping at all over the summer so i'm beside myself with excitement. i love hanging out under the big starry sky until the wee hours. i love to emerge from a tent on a crisp morning and rekindle embers from the night before. i love to share the wonder with my daughter, my hubs, and a couple of dearly missed friends.

but i don't love camping in the rain. so everyone, think good thoughts now. please.

we'll be back on time for columbus (was a crook) day.

enjoy the full moon blog stars.

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