Friday, October 20, 2006

reggae rant

reggae music takes me to my island. but i feel deeply disturbed by rastafarians who are homophobic.

stay out of other people’s bidness. we are all jah’s children. the only lesson is kindness.

i walked away from a reggae show the other night feeling so incredibly uplifted. the famous musician and his great band were energetic, passionate, very gifted. there were lyrics advocating non-violence, tolerance, self-respect. the audience was a lovely mix of colors, shapes, sizes, hairstyles and body odors. and the only smoke in the air was that of ganja.

after dancing my heart out i walked away feeling like i’d just seen the best reggae show of my life.

the next day i surfed the internet to learn more about this musician. i read the lyrics of a song he wrote about shooting gay people in the head. i saw a clip of him performing it on stage. and i read that he’d been tried – though acquitted – for gay bashing. good people are protesting this very tour he’s on. and i just spent a blissed out evening under his song.

it makes me feel more than a little icky.

i can only hope that he will find the way of wisdom. repent the injustices he's advocated. beg for forgiveness from those he's hurt. and use his gift without discrimination.

but i can be pretty idealistic.

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Anonymous said...

People can mature/reach potential unevenly. I appreciate your idealism.
I've enjoyed dropping in now and then to discover your life away from Ann Arbor -- if you ever want to check out the Ann Arbor plants and my often political concerns I've taken up blogging as well.
My best to you and your family, and your connection to the plants in that area of the world!