Monday, October 29, 2007

beautiful book week: barbara mcclintock

the fantastic drawings of danielle by barbara mcclintock is a must have for all artistically inclined children (and adults). it is about a little girl who, no matter how hard she tries, can't help herself from drawing wildly surreal versions of reality. this is in contrast to her father, a photographer, who can't quite comprehend why she won't draw things more realistically.

another fun book in tashi's collection by barbara mcclintock is molly and the magic wishbone. it is about a girl-kitten who is granted one big wish by a fairy godmother.

this author/illustrator has many other titles and her drawings are simply delicious!


Tracey said...

Your posts on children's books are lovely. We are just now nesting for our first. So . . . I have started a book wishlist - completely inspired by your favorites. Thank you!

Chandra said...

So great to find another McClintock fan! I was searching for images to use on my blog and I stumbled across your blog. Very nice space you have here :-)