Thursday, October 25, 2007

beautiful book week: nature's children

i got carried away again. here are some more favorites from tashi's collection:

elsa beskow is always a hit. below is children of the forest.

and also by elsa beskow, the flowers' festival

i found this little book, garden folk, in a dusty thrift store bin. it can't be found on amazon, and there is no author mentioned in the book anywhere. it is publication from england, and seems to be an older tale.

at the back of the north wind, written by george macdonald and illustrated by jessie willcox smith, is a classic. dreamy, poetic, quiet, deep, mysterious and alarming. it is a masterpiece, meant to be to be read over and over again.

and i'll end with the story of the root children, by sibylle von olfers. another great tale that flows with the seasons, and keeps one looking between the blades of grass.

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futuregirl said...

They are all so amazing. Thanks for putting them all up for us. :) I especially love the image with the owls and all the other animals and the North Wind.