Sunday, November 07, 2010

apple saturday

the cold days are settling in. i've finally pulled the winter clothes out of storage, and put most of the summer clothes in their bins. yia yia has been supplying us with an ongoing collection of sweaters. i'll post some pics of those soon. in the photos below, tristan is sporting a hat, vest and cardigan that she knit.this weekend we checked out the vintage apple festival at albemarle ciderworks. it was a beautiful day to be outside, listening to music, tasting apples and eating fresh warm organic donuts.

there was also a fun hay/tractor ride that went up a bumpy, steep, winding road into the hills. tristan was really digging the big tractor wheels while tashi was digging her caramel apple covered with chocolate chips.

our driver was a very capable tractor man.
beautiful leaves, stunning sky.

we returned home tired, refreshed and with a big bag of apples.

i continued work on another blanket. i've been on a bit of hiatus, but the holiday market is just around the corner.

here's hoping that your finding warmth, inside and out.

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