Monday, November 29, 2010

a field trip to our nation's capitol

in retrospect, november has been a remarkable month.

one of the gifts the month brought was a trip to washington dc with tashi's 7th grade class.

not only was it great fun to be in the u.s. capitol with these kids, the art that we concentrated on at the national gallery spoke deeply.

it was amazing to watch the classmates move through the day, lunching on the lawn, moving through the fancy halls of the amazing museum, seeing the work of hugely famous artists, sketching, climbing capitol hill as the sun at day's end began to play on the dome, rollicking (a bit too wildly) in the elizabethan garden of the folger shakespeare library and then peeking in at the theater.

we returned to union station under a glorious sunset and ate dinner in a busy food court where the children wanted to scatter to the four winds and try on hats.

these seventh graders on the brink of maturity are each a well of great beauty and significance. it was such an honor seeing them through the day and sharing in their awe.

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