Saturday, October 30, 2010

halloween preview

this is tashi's raven costume. i based it on martha stewart's instructions, but added feathers to the front. i didn't find such long, wispy feathers as the ones photographed in the link, but i'm still pretty happy with the way it turned out.

and here she is with napoleon dynamite.

initially i was going to make a dog costume for tristan, similarly using a brown hoodie. but i caved in to this commercial costume, just couldn't resist the lion (and the ease!).

we are about to launch into a meal of chili and cornbread, followed by pumpkin carving. and then i will sit down a while with circle round, a favorite book about sharing the old celtic ways with family. it's important to remember the roots of halloween in samhain and honor the sacred, along with the silliness.

happy weekend to you, in what ever way you most appreciate the day of magic, darkness and seasonal transition.

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