Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hanging around

i picked up a couple of sweet prints by christina flowers for tristan and tashi at the great gifts holiday market in december. i hung tristan's at toddler level, so he could admire his robots, and hopefully quit begging to walk around with the entire frame in his hands.

tashi's is tucked sweetly in a corner of her room, which is too messy right now to show in its entirety.

ok, well, maybe a little peek.

adorable prints, yes? i wouldn't mind this one, either.

i also finally framed this nice little chinese papercut and hung it. i've had it for over a year. i do love horses so.

i had to remove a bunch of photos from our india albums recently, due to a moisture issue. i stuck these prayer flags in a frame and hung them, along with this photo of tristan's curls, in an awkward foyer space around a crooked heat control box.

we have lived in this house for a little over two years now, and i still feel like, bit by bit, i am filling the spaces with love. i vacillate between a preference for stark white walls with minimal decor and lively clutter in colorful assortment. looks like the latter is winning.

i should probably take our mistletoe down, but for now, i like its shadow on the wall.

yes, a bit of brightness summoning these january days.

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