Thursday, January 27, 2011

the weather inside is frightful

it's been a tough week around here. tristan came down with a nasty virus that included gallons of snot, pain we never successfully identified, on and off fever, absolutely no appetite and huge temper tantrums. he has emerged from it now, more and more himself by the moment. except for the temper tantrums. he is still having those. though fewer.

i am now the one with all sorts of symptoms and a weighty fatigue. but i too will emerge. hopefully without any temper tantrums.

in the mean time we all thought we were in for a whoozy of a snow storm yesterday, but it just ended up being this rainy, sleety, slushy, icy, wet bit of less than two inches of snow. it definitely messed up the roads for a while, and we all got to enjoy an alternate schedule of early dismissal and two hour delay, but i can't seem to help but want several inches of gorgeous fluff to shut us down for a few days!

time now to take advantage of tristan's nap by taking one myself. happy end-o-the-week to all.

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