Monday, January 31, 2011

albemarle day

dan's sister barb paid us a brief visit this weekend and we went on a wondrous drive yesterday. after enjoying a favorite back road drive through free union, past buck mountain, boonesville, and around to whitehall, we stopped off at the whitehall community center, where there was a surprising one day exhibit of tapestries created by inuit women. the little community hall, which i've entered only once before when dan's band played for a school fundraiser, was wonderfully transformed. we were lucky to have caught wind of the exhibit on the evening news the night before.

the tapestries of boiled wool were simple, bright, stunning and complex all at once. they were charming, but also hinted at difficult living on the tundra. i feel so lucky that we got to peek at this world, and hope that more surprises find their way into the little community center. you can learn more about the exhibit, and its wonderfully engaging curator, judith varney burch at the arctic inuit art website.

we were ready for a nutritional boost afterwards, so made the requisite stop at mudhouse crozet.

and then we just wandered, up to the blue ridge parkway, down the switchbacks of afton mountain, through batesville, and back home. we made a quick stop to the barn swallow on our way home, a lovely gallery where i was employed when we first moved to charlottesville.

it was a refreshing day of beauty and vistas, after several days homebound with an ill tristan, followed by my own sinus infection. and now it's a new week, the world rocks, the midwest faces a blizzard, and the signs of spring are beginning to reveal themselves in our own little blue ridge oasis.

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