Saturday, February 26, 2011

curtain accomplished

i have mentioned in past blog entries, my quirky sewing room. it is a narrow room that houses the washer, drier, utility sink and door to the garage. so really it is a mud room. but also, i think it is a breakfast nook. it is connected to the kitchen, has the same awful linoleum flooring and there is an interior window between it and the living room. why anyone ever wanted a window between that room and the living room is beyond me. also puzzling is the huge mirror on one wall. i covered it with a sheet. it's an odd room, but i am ever so grateful for it.

i have used various curtains in the window, as the sewing room can be pretty cluttery and i'd rather there wasn't a clear view into it from our living room. i also work on secret surprises in there sometimes! it's been a long time goal to make a curtain for that window, preferably a somewhat sheer patchwork curtain. sheer is important, so that i don't feel totally separated when i'm in there, and so that i can peek into the living room and see what my family is up to.

that goal has finally been accomplished.

the above photo is a view of the curtain from the living room. i moved my desk into the living room recently as i wanted a place for our computers and tashi's homework, which always end up covering the dining room table.

here is the curtain with the sewing room light shining through it.

it's pleasing to have something handmade there. and it was a satisfying project, though troubling at times. the lace was tricky as it overlaps the seams. i probably should have sewn all the panels together first, and then sewn the lace on top of the fabric. but i wanted to be able to peek through the lace. it worked out fine, though if you examine it really closely, you might realize that the construction is a bit haphazard.

i also tried french seams for the first time so that the backside doesn't look totally ragged. the backside is what i have to look at when in the sewing room after all. here is a peek at the french seams from the sewing room.

i feel like our living room has found it's missing piece.


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Oh boy, Zoe...that's an improvement over the blank window. You are so clever!