Tuesday, March 01, 2011


i took my little guy to the local discovery museum today. it was so fun watching him play with each and every thing there. we have a lot of fun at home, but it sure is nice to do something different every once in a while.

there was a story time, which was also a first him. i mean, we read stories for hours on end at home, but hadn't yet attended a public story time. i wasn't sure he was going to have the patience, but the story was one that he knows well: the cat in the hat. so he loved it. the museum also had two of his very favorite books in their collection.

there is a tibet exhibit at the museum. pretty cool stuff. we made a prayer flag for dad. played in a nomad tent. hung out with a yak.

there is also a cool log cabin, virginia style.

tristan loves to organize and stack things. these train cars were topsy turvy all over the track and he lined them all up.

sometimes i sure miss the tiny baby i can wrap up in a sling against my chest and gaze at quietly the whole day through. but i also really love this little man who plays and reads and talks so enthusiastically. as he discovers the world, so do we, all over again.

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megan said...

So cute!!