Thursday, February 03, 2011

pants for the yogi

one can only imagine how much my heart glowed when i heard tristan singing this song from his car seat this morning, sun saltutation dance for the sun!

it seems to confirm that my timing was just right for making him some crescent moon yoga pants, a hand drawn pattern from little comet tails. this was my first time using an actual garment pattern and i'm hoping that it will lead to the disintegration of my fear of working with patterns and making clothing. it's a very user friendly hand drawn pattern with basic instructions.

one can make plain yoga pants, or pants with a crescent booty. i chose the latter as the crescent booty is so nice and roomy for the cloth diapers. my friend & doula, stasi york, who passed on the pattern to me also left me a couple of colors of nice fleece. i chose the grey.

i think they turned out quite well, and he wanted to put them on right away, before the hem had been sewn. there is nothing more rewarding than a wiggly toddler who actually asks to put something on.

he put up a little fuss when i asked to remove them so i could add a hem, but all was well when i could put them back on him. they are super soft, cozy, warm and seem to fit quite well.

perfect for a little yogi!


Voom Voom Veda said...

Nice pants! Way to go on using a pattern! I have also been trying to fight my reluctance to patterns....
love your new photo up top there, its lovely!

tifanie said...

those are sooo cute! i bet he loves how soft they are. :)