Thursday, January 19, 2012

boy toys (not that a girl couldn't play with them also)

sometimes i feel like my life is a page in one of those i spy or can you see what i see picture books. we just picked up the latter at a thrift store and the photos are quite fun to look through.

tristan is often too distracted these days to finish his food. what to do.

trucks. trucks. trucks. i love trucks!

uke. tiny fire truck. books. of course!

sweet things. (most of the books in the background of the last two photos are from dan's world history and history of science collections. aren't you dying to read sex and society in islam?)

the bucket of fairies is tashi's. but tristan enjoys them most now. and that small playmobil watering can is one of hundreds (thousands?) of small pieces we've been collecting since tashi was a toddler.

a house just isn't complete without a toy corvette that makes a peeling out sound. this was actually left at our house long before tristan was born by some friends visiting from out of town. tashi grew very attached to it. proof that boy toys are girl toys too.

sometimes i just have to give in to the chaos. including the chaos on my very own desk.

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