Saturday, January 21, 2012

random thoughts on an icy day

while we have had a couple of light dustings this season, and some seriously cold temps, i would say last night's little bit of snow & cold is the closest we've come to a winterish feel. things still have a thin layer of white and ice on them today. after a busy morning, we'll be firing up the woodstove this afternoon with lasagne in the plans for dinner.

the other day i made homemade granola for the first time. for months i've been wanting to try the recipe from feeding the whole family. i finally got my act together, picked up the ingredients from sugar and spice, a newish amish bulk goods store down the hill, and with tristan's help, mixed a batch and baked it. the granola turned out fabulously and i think will become a staple around here. i would like to try the slightly varied version amanda soule posted on her blog, from a first edition of the same book. the addition of a bit of orange juice sounds tasty, and i wonder if adding in the flour helps it to clump up a bit. delicious stuff, either way.

this morning tristan pulled a book off the shelf that i thought would be worth mentioning around here. my brother danny, who is currently teaching ESL in indonesia, sent it to us shortly before he departed. i don't think i'll ever tire of the illustrations in seasons by french artist blexbolex. serene, surprising, colorful, and contemplative, i highly recommend it.

especially on dark, wet, wintry days. like today.

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