Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a scattering of thoughts

just trying to pick up the pieces after the holidays. our tree is still up, but the stockings are packed away. i like to keep the light and twinkle and evergreen scent present for as long as possible.

uncle bagus sent tristan a toy circular saw for christmas. we didn't give it to him for a while because we just weren't sure. would it lead him to believe he could pick up any circular saw? would it be too noisy? a few days ago i was getting ready to take it to the toy store to exchange for something else when it occurred to me how much i admire carpenters. after a quick consultation with dan we decided to hand over the circular saw, or circlear saw as tristan likes to say with a twinkle in his eye. can i cut my pants off with it? was one of his first questions. he even holds it when he sits on the potty.

tashi turned 14 on january 2. four-teen. i really can't believe it. she is so sweet, creative, responsible and wise, i am really quite proud of her. i can only hope we remain good friends through her high school years. but if she keeps beating me at boggle, i may have to reconsider! we invited her classmates over for a celebration. dan lit a grand bonfire in the back. they listened to music and chatted. i love listening to these kids converse; they really are quite amazing.

after having an etsy shop for over two years, i finally uploaded an item. i plan to add more, but think that probably a baby blanket on etsy is like a needle in a haystack. we shall see. let me know what you think.


Voom Voom Veda said...

Your etsy shop looks great....the photos are beautiful. Good luck with Etsy. I tried my hand at it for a while & sold
Vintage items. It was great fun.

Wishing you & Tashi very happy teen years together!

zoe krylova said...

thanks so much for the feedback and the positive wishes!