Wednesday, August 08, 2012

from cave to stage

oh it has been so very long since i updated my blog. i guess this is a sign of an engaging summer! in an attempt to catch up, i will try to make several entries to cover the events of the last month plus.

june ended with a road trip to wisconsin to pick up tashi who was staying with family and spending time at a summer theater academy. on the way, we camped one night at carter caves in kentucky, where the horses escaped their corrals late in the night!



our first afternoon in wisconsin we got to see tashi in her final presentation at first stage theater academy in milwaukee.

tashi participated in a rousing song and dance routine of facade, some improv routines, recitations of shakespeare, and a scene from the breakfast club (she was the rebellious john bender!). it is amazing what these kids work up in just two weeks.

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