Thursday, August 09, 2012

wilderness road campground

on our way home from wisconsin we decided to drop south out of our way a bit to camp at cumberland gap national historic park. i've always wanted to see the area where kentucky, tennessee and virginia meet, and so now i have! the visitor center for the park is in kentucky, the quaint town of cumberland gap is in tennessee, and the campground is in virginia! we had a relaxing stay, though it was incredibly hot and we spent the better half of a day looking for a decent place to swim, giving up after scoping out a terribly littered shoreline of a nearby reservoir. we ended up splashing around in a rather low, frigid, and blissfully clean gap creek. it was perfect. we walked the wilderness trail for a bit, but will have to visit again when the days are cooler. this seems like an awesome park to visit in autumn or early spring, with plentiful hiking trails, caves, and viewpoints.

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