Friday, March 29, 2013

high school musical: les miserables

i am very behind in my posts as it's been a crazy busy couple of weeks, and now we are all sick in varying degrees. slippery elm tea, lemon ginger honey, apple cider vinegar, avgolemono, the neti pot, eucalyptus steams, vitamin d, cough drops, lots of kleenex, and zinc are in our arsenal.

tashi was in her high school production of les miserables last weekend, and what an amazing production it was. the musical was a huge undertaking to coordinate and direct, and it was really so well done. so many astonishing voices! tashi was in the ensemble, and though acting through a head cold all weekend, pulled it off and seemed to be having a great time. they all worked so very hard on this production, and it definitely showed. i had not known the story until seeing the film in december. it really is a timely tale and is relevant today as much as it was to 1800's france.

so hard to choose between the photos. some here, and many more in this and this flickr set. my girl, sporting french braids, is in a blue blouse and plum colored skirt. can you spot her?

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