Friday, March 08, 2013

snow march

i went to bed to this

and woke to this

you have to understand, this much snow is a BIG deal around here. the trees crumble under its weight. the roads become impassible. and then thousands of people lose power.

our power went out sometime in the wee hours of wednesday morning, and has remained thus. we are on day three of camping around the woodstove and cooking on the front porch (i am currently spending some time in town to enjoy the luxuries of internet and espresso). 

in the era of wild storms and extended power outages, i am so grateful for woodstove, axe & saw, campstove, cooler, shortwave radio, some candles, and a bathtub full of water. oh and woolens!

the first day was all fun. . . 

when the milk was still good, so was the hot chocolate

but now that we are day three of no power, it's getting irksome. we are all grumpy. it's weird to be so close to powered up homes and businesses, yet feel so isolated. life goes on as usual, yet nothing is normal. tristan has been waking up extra early, immediately excited about feeding the woodstove and seeing the snow. we're tired. yet i am acutely aware that this is nothing compared to the suffering that goes on across the planet due to earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, war, and famine. we are extremely fortunate and have lots of canned food.

above, just one of many similar scenes on the roads in our area. notice the downed line on the right. 

and in the photo below, notice the tree leaning on the power line to the left. there is a whole row of trees resting on the power line just a few yards beyond.  

homes with trees on them

branches that have snapped off, tree after tree after tree

how do you cope with lack of electricity and water? 
what are your favorite and least favorite aspects of a power outage?


Becky said...

The houses in back of us and across the street from us had power while we didn't. Worse, the streetlight on the corner, just outside my daughter's window was on, and inside was nothing.

It wasn't so much the amount of snow - it was a very heavy snow. As soon as it started accumulating, I could hear tree limbs popping under the weight. Shoveling it was quite the workout.

Hope you get your power back soon.

zoe krylova said...

it was (is) indeed incredibly heavy snow. i walked around our house shaking it off the bent camellia trees and watched them rise up gracefully from the ground. but the trees in the woods were falling apart before our eyes. it was amazing. i don't remember this much destruction with the snowstorms of 2009/2010 and that was double the snow! but our power was out just as long with those storms! thanks for commenting!