Wednesday, August 21, 2013

digging in

now that our high schooler is back in the grind, our days will find a new rhythm. i will miss having tashi around, and i am not ready for the languid days of summer to end, yet it will be good to bring a little order back to my time with tristan. playgroup will resume, we'll settle on a library story time, there will be craft projects, adventures with friends, and visits with yia yia once she's settled in. tristan will continue to attend preschool two days a week while i work.

looming before me is the holiday market and the fact that i have to start sewing like crazy to build my stock of blankets, bibs, and hopefully some new additions (i keep thinking mother/daughter aprons would be fun). i would like to avoid a repeat of the many late nights i spent sewing last autumn, but i fear it is inevitable. of course this is all dependent on finding one of four sewing machines in the house that actually works well!

the house purge that i embarked on this summer is not yet complete, though tashi has moved into the downstairs room, and her old bedroom is now tristan's room (not that he sleeps in there just yet). i am going to have to be really disciplined to accomplish what i hope to this autumn, and that includes some regular exercise. discipline, it's a life struggle of mine!

today i was looking forward to meeting a friend at mint springs and having a nice swim, but alas, we arrived and discovered that the lakes are now open weekends only. grumble grumble grumble! we considered going to a pool and then the thunder began, so we headed over to my friend's lovely abode and relaxed among the flowers, the harvest, the humidity, the breeze, the butterflies, the children, the snacks, the albemarle vistas, and the storm threat that never transpired. 

i have to say, her home is one of my favorite places in the county! and tristan's! 

how are your days changing as autumn approaches? 
what are your goals as we move into the busy season?

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