Wednesday, August 07, 2013

some pretty things

not a whole lot to report. we are finally on the home stretch of moving tashi to the downstairs bedroom and turning her former upstairs room into tristan's lair. i have to admit, i will be happy when most of the toys in the living room start to reside in his space. sometimes i just want to gaze across the room without having to stare at half a dozen baskets overflowing with blocks, trucks, playmobil, instruments, space ship accessories, gnomes, and wooden farm animals. but right now everything is displaced and/or in transit, so the chaos is at its peak. 

 summer has flown by too quickly, as usual. tashi starts school in just two short weeks. i don't want her to go back yet!!!! we're just getting started!!!! alternately, it will be good to get our rhythm back. things get pretty mushy around here in the summer. some days when we are at home i'm still in my pj's in the late afternoon. i water the garden in my pj's. i play on the deck in my pj's. breakfast AND lunch are prepared in pj's. tristan gets out of his old pj's and into new pj's at bedtime. it can get downright silly! 

in the mean time, these are some of the pretty images that fill my days! happy august!

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