Thursday, August 08, 2013

robot parade

tristan's pal julia came over today. they played and played, ate lunch, listened to stories, played and played some more, and then we made cardboard robots. they were so into it! 

i cut out the cardboard in advance and used a small phillips head screwdriver to make the holes (rather than using a drill as in the instructions). tristan and julia inserted the brad fasteners mostly on their own.

we used some funky 3-d paper and glue stick for the features. they let me know what colors they wanted where.

things got more and more elaborate. tristan asked me to make shoes. there was a request for hearts. and then tristan asked for some arm stripes.

then the robot parade dance unfolded. we played the song at least six times. seriously cute!

tristan asked if his robot could have a penis. well, ok. and then julia wanted a penis for hers as well.

julia gave her robot to her brother as a birthday present. tristan's hung out with him for the rest of the evening. it went for a walk, it listened to bedtime stories. eventually he removed the penis. you know, even robots have a sense of modesty! 

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