Thursday, January 30, 2014

warmest sun, coldest day

driving home with tristan this afternoon, moments before i turned into our wood, 
a generous light caught my eye, a layer of snow so dazzling, and evergreens -- 
breathing large and casting shadow

a cleansing breeze found its origins and whispered waken

we pulled into our driveway, pulled on some additional layers, and went for a walk

it was brigid's medicine:  the call of the great heralds of healing

a couple of rotund birds hopped about us
a flock of geese traveled across our sky, flying northward
four favorite farm animals turned in unison and ran toward us, 
but sadly were cut afar by a middling fence

tristan asked why the sky was so blue today 
why we couldn't just walk through the wired off pasture to the animals
begged me to run down a steep hill, to have a leaf fight, 
to visit the great fallen tree in the woods 

our numbing fingers reminded us that we are just half way through the winter season, 
and we turned toward home, sun kissed

on our return a hawk flew overhead purposefully
i was not able to capture the detail of its feathers, but can see speckles when i blink

the great and glorious sun blazed her final wink in our direction

and then settled, asking us of tomorrow

the day rolled her stony shoulder over and cast us under a shadow of dusk

and i breathed a great thank you for her protection, her beauty, and her light

we are half way to spring, friends! 
i'm guessing climate challenges will remain
but even on the coldest days, the light will continue to grow 
enjoy this moon cycle as we enter february!
and whether you call it imbolc or candlemas: 
it is time to rejoice in the  great powers of good!

p.s. my camera lens needs a professional cleaning.
i can't seem to make those spots disappear from sky photos.

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