Thursday, January 09, 2014

where i am

it's a cold january charlottesville, having just stepped from the thigh deep snows of wisconsin.

so much has happened in the last few weeks, i feel like i am still shaking it out, 
while jogging into the new busy. 

appointments are set, rehearsals are daily, and applications have to be processed. 

there are curious new toys, wonderful games, and stacks of books. my suitcase remains unpacked. ornaments hang from a dry, stiff, lit up tree. there is still a pile of gift wrap, gift bags, and flattened boxes in my bedroom. legos are sharp underfoot and dinner doesn't ever seem to make everyone happy.

many illuminated and encouraging flags hang before us. and while 2013 seems to have been a year hard on most, i would have to say that it was also a year of building foundations. 
i feel ready to step forward and on from a place of groundwork.

oh resolutions. i can barely recount the last week: spending time with dan's large and loving family in a place that is fraught with lake michigan's dramatic stand. the seductive language of a warm window in deep snow at twilight. cooking and being cooked for. sitting down for a meal at a table set for ten. celebrating my father-in-law's 80th birthday in a beautiful nature center full of people happy to see each other. celebrating my daughter's sweet 16. musical theater. marvelous indoor spaces. museums. blazing fires. layers of cloth. the great deep white reflecting so many bright lights.

oh resolutions. what came before our epic drive to wisconsin. sewing every spare moment in preparation for what ended up a very slow holiday market. a beautiful christmastime spent with my mom and my little family. eating great food and great treats. a roaring woodfire. a few faint snowflakes. a marathon baking session. some well selected gifts. the satisfied unfolding of a christmas afternoon where everyone is reading a new book, playing a new game, listening to a new cd, or cozying up under something new and warm and fabulous.

oh resolutions. they come to me at the oddest moments of the day. i will play more. i will cut back on my use of just a minute. i will get it done. i will write more. i will exercise. i will let go of negative thoughts. i will not procrastinate. i will empathize more. i will embrace each. moment. more.

what ever it is you resolve to do or not do, may 2014 bring you all the good things
that may have been missing from 2013 (and then some!). happy new year!

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