Sunday, December 25, 2005

bright lights big wishes

the sacrificial leg-of-lamb is in the oven (what can i say, my greek mom is here), tashi is playing with her playmobil faerie set while listening to a new smithsonian kids cd, dan is fitting his new guitar strings onto his guitar, the cats are crashed after madly playing with their new catnip toys, and i'm typing in my cozy new slippers.

probably the best gift of all was this, designed by dan and tashi. i'm not quite set up for mail-order yet, and right now i'm just making teas and dream pillows, but this is certainly an inspiration.

merry christmas, happy chanuka, and what speaks most to me personally, a bright and hopeful winter soltice to all.


suzanne said...

I love your website! Tashi's art is fabulous-- I especially dig the blue house with all sorts of windows! Merry Christmas, Happy Je Tsongkhapa's Death Day (that's today), and happy Winter Solstice to you and your family!
love from nepal,

Karen said...

That truly is a special gift! May its inspiration continue to touch you through 2006.