Saturday, December 03, 2005

welcome to december

it's been a busy week of building the cottage industry. i bottled up two dozen mason jars of my herbal tea blend, "pixies by the mouthful," labeled them, and decorated the lids with holiday fabrics and ribbons. there are a dozen scattered about the barnswallow, and i have several more at the waldorf school store. i also intend on sewing up many dream pillows, and then preparing my next herbal tea line, "mother's little helpers".

aside from that, dan is doing some contract work and so i can't get online as much to write to all of you dear blog readers (one of you? none of you?). it's fun to pretend one has an audience.

today is the waldorf school christmas bazaar, a time when tashi's school truly feels like hogwarts. at least it did in ann arbor. i think the bazaar here will be a little more low key, but still crackling with magic. i'm being a good mom and volunteering with set up, baking, the candle dipping room and the school store.

the really rotten news this week is that a former co-worker of mine from people's food coop in ann arbor committed suicide on wednesday night. i've been turning this over in my mind and it's just really devastating. julie "sparrow" harrison was a beautiful spirit, so loving, giving and positive. that was the external julie anyway. she was certified in massage and, though in a wheelchair, was beginning to take on clients in reflexology and the like. and then something happened to her at a rainbow festival. too many mushrooms i heard, and a desire to drop her anti-depressant medications. things haven't been the same since. i can't believe she put out her own light. i thought she was a survivor. one thing is for sure, she was a great force of good will in the world. she had a huge community. her beautiful warm light will shine on in the hearts of those who loved her.

soon to come, pictures of the pixies.


kelsci said...

I just wanted to let you know that "one of us" stopped by on a "blogsurf" to read your blog. I am sorry your friend committed suicide. I have had depression for many years. The compulsion to commit suicide of what is known as suicidal fantasies can literally take over your life.

From reading some of your blog and your profile that you are indeed a "spiritual" kind of person. I had a galfriend who was sort of like that. Her favorite expression was "the universe will take care of me".

kelsci said...

I happen to take a look at some of your wedding pictures at least of those that were under the category "standard". This gallery of pictures are great. One thing about this particular blog site is the fact that you can make a great photo gallery. This wedding looks like "Woodstock". This is a real "hippie" wedding. Neat! I wear similar type shirts at times like Zoe was wearing. I belive they are called "poets shirts".

Britt Bravo said...

Hey Zoe,

I don't know if you are interested in selling your tea and dream pillows via the mail, but I can post a photo on my blog with a blurb as another fun Christmas giftie option if you want.

suzanne said...

Your cottage industry sounds so cool! If I was a wealth Charlottesville-ite, I would definitely buy something called "Pixies By the Mouthful". Let me know how it goes!

And thank you for reading my blog, too! :)

love to dan and tashi

Anonymous said...

Hello, I found a post regarding Julie Harrison and the PFC. Julie was my college roommate and very close friend. I created a blog to remember Julie, please feel free to visit and share it with others: