Thursday, December 15, 2005

chopped locks

last night i went to the starr hill music hall to participate in hops & chops, a benefit for the uva children's hospital and locks of love. with a donation of at least six inches of hair, i was promised a free haircut and free admission to see three local bands. and so, i donated my hair. the hairdresser, located in a dimly lit space on one side of the music hall, tied my hair into a pony tail and chopped off ten inches, rather than six, and she didn't really finish the job. this left me feeling a bit grumpy. but it's just hair, and at least it was all for a good cause.

i quite liked the first musical act, morwenna lasko and jay pun, jammy violin gone wild with acoustic guitar. the other two bands, shapiro and fountainhead, seemed like good bands to listen to while getting really, really drunk. i didn't want to do that so i left a few songs into the last act's set. it's not that i don't love angst rock, but i didn't feel the need to further aggravate my bad haircut mood.

i'm hanging at home with tashi today, as school was cancelled for the third time in nine days due to another ice storm. she begged to watch "the sound of music." 'tis the season for epic family classics. the second half has just begun.

the ice has coated all that exists out of doors with a dangerous glimmering layer. i need a haircut for my haircut.


Anonymous said...

Having been a part of the very long hair club, I can say that your experience with the uncaring hairdresser would have made me miserable, good cause or not. What a jerk.

I think you should write a letter, people should feel good about doing good things... and she shouldn't get to be making people feel bad for being good.


Karen said...

Zoe, it's so funny that you got your hair chopped off: last Saturday, I went to the mall with a friend of mine, just to hang out with her. She had tons of shopping and returning to do, and I said, "If there's no wait at Penney's salon, I'm going to get my haircut." It was getting pretty long, and I've been saying I need a haircut since around June.

I told the stylist, "Whatever. Just cut it off. Short." I bet hairstylists love hearing that. When she snickered at that, I said, "It's just hair; it'll grow back."

I gave 10 inches to Locks for Love back in 2003 - it felt great. I'm sorry your experience was not the greatest, but you did a good thing. That means something.



suzanne said...

Man! That sucks! You did a great thing giving your hair like that-- the hairdresser should have treated your gift with more respect. I also think you should ask for a re-do of your haircut. Most salons do that anyway for unsatisfied customers, right?