Monday, February 06, 2006

car trouble

today i was on the highway, on my way to pick up tashi from school, when suddenly our subaru loyale started to slow itself down. i knew that soon it was going to stop altogether. a little luck was on my side. a rest stop appeared before my very eyes. the car quit just as i pulled into a parking space. smoke started to billow from under the hood. i jumped out and headed for the payphones.

yes, it's true, i have no cell phone. but i did have $1.50 in coins. just enough to try and call dan (with no luck), to call information to find the phone number of tashi's school, and to call tashi's school.

lesson no. 1
memorize the phone number of your child's school. or carry the damn number with you at all times.

i tried to start the car, but it would not start.

our auto insurance has an 800 number, so i didn't need any coins to call that. the tow truck arrived about an hour later. i'm glad that the tow truck driver made me feel safe, because i generally don't like getting into vehicles with strangers. he was a nice guy. "i aint never been to michigan," he said, commenting on our license plate.

he drove me and my dead car to an auto shop near our home. i speed walked to my house and took our other beat up old vehicle up to crozet to pick up tashi. it was 5:00 by the time i got there. it's a good thing her school has after care.


angharad said...

I got caught without my babysitter's phone number once. You think you're the best mommy ever, until you do something stupid like leave your kid with someone you can't get ahold of. But, it all works out in the end, I'm not sure how, it just does. And it did. Thanks for adding me to your links-I'm a little embarrassed by the company you've got me with, you have some real superstars listed, but I've had some visitors from your site and that always gives me a little thrill. Okay, a big thrill, like the kind I wait all day for and check my stats for one last time before I go to bed for, yes it's that sad. So thank you!


zoe krylova said...


you're a super star too!

and i have a bit of a stat obsession as well.

someday i will get a digital camera and then, perhaps, the blogging will take a huge step up!