Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy boycott google day

a whole day without googling could be hard. but supporting human rights injustices is even harder! i received the following email recently:

Pledge Now: Boycott Google on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14th.

Join the one-day boycott and "break up" with Google on Valentine's Day, click

Every pledge makes a difference and adds to the impact of this
campaign. By pledging online now you will help us show Google
that you value freedom and human rights and oppose their
collaboration with Beijing's system of information control and

Help us drive up the pledge tracker!
Pledge now and spread the word!

NoLuv4Google.com was featured in yesterday's New York Times,
Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle and on American Public Radio's
Future Tense - syndicated worldwide on BBC and CBC. Click here
to read news coverage. And thanks to you, Google Executives have received
over 40,000 protest emails and Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Cisco have received
nearly 4,000.


Karen said...

I am on the fence about my relationship with Google. I mean, I think Blogspot is a Google company, isn't it? And I have a GMail address and I have Google Earth and Picasa loaded on my computer, both Google products.

So boycotting their search engine is do-able for me, but I wonder if I should consider moving my blog to a different host?

Only now did I realize how much Google there is in my life.

zoe krylova said...

i think the point of boycotting google for a day was just that, to do it for a day and let them know that people are annoyed. we'll see what happens from here. i didn't realize blogspot was a google company. i know that lots of people have gmail addresses. and just today i did several google searches. google has become like bread and butter.