Thursday, February 09, 2006

through with thursday

i did actually do something, though not what i had expected. after my post yesterday, i sat here for a while wondering what i should make tashi for valentines day. i settled on the idea of a dress for iris, the cloth weir doll i made for her last year. i've never followed a pattern in my life (except for the weir doll), and in fact, don't really know how to sew very well at all. but i figured i had nothing to lose but a little bit of fabric. so i whipped out a dress for her doll. i wish i could show you, but woe is me, i have no digital camera. it is a two layer cotton dress, pink underneath with a cream colored eyelet fabric on top. it is pretty shapeless and, not having a clue about buttons and snaps, one has to work pretty hard to wriggle it onto the doll. but once one has mooshed the doll into the dress, it looks pretty sweet. some day i'll show you. i think i might add some sort of decorative piece to it, a heart perhaps, because afterall, it's a valentines gift.

today at work i scored some really nice pieces of cardboard, on which i can collage. i'm looking forward to doing some collaging soon.

this evening i went to the cinema again! tonight was the final night for north country at the jefferson theater, charlottesville's second run house. it was totally worth $3. i don't think it will continue to live in my mind the way brokeback mountain has, but an important film with some great acting. read about participant productions, a conscientious production company, here and here.

a film critic i'm not. but there was something so mesmerizing about brokeback mountain. ennis and jack were so real, that i feel like if i wrote a letter to ennis and sent it general delivery, he might actually receive it.

and that's it. i'm through with thursday. goodnight!


Karen said...

What kind of collage are you thinking about? I grew up with the idea that a collage was magazine or other paper cut-outs glued on a paper, pieced together in some sort of design or image, and that is the type of collage I currently create. I love it. It's become sort of an obsession, though, and my apartment is becoming overrun with stacks of magazines.

But collage can be so many different things. Do you use different media?

zoe krylova said...

most of my collages are made from cut outs from magazines, books and other printed materials. they evolve as they go, though some are built around a theme. i also like including other materials -- found objects, ripped up letters, fabric, flourishes of paint -- though these recent collages are just made of magazine images.