Tuesday, March 14, 2006

happy holi!

holi is a hindu festival of colors that occurs on the march full moon. it is also a celebration of krishna. folks run around throwing bright powder at eachother. when we were in india we found a safe spot on a hillside from which to watch a band of holi revelers. they went from house to house making lots of noise with horns and drums and then a plume of color would fill the air. ah, those were good times.

the wind is a-blowing. the cat loki is meowling.

today dan was rear ended. on my two arms, poison ivy rash.

what i thought were cherry blossoms, are actually blossoms of the bradford pear tree.

it has been deliciously warm here. hot even.

tonight i'll be cooking fresh wild caught red snapper.

the best news i heard all weekend was that gail norton resigned. cool.

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