Wednesday, March 01, 2006


ok so here i am in downtown charlottesville using the community computer at the mudhouse cafe. i came down here with the original intention of seeing a $3 movie at the jefferson theater. but there was a sign on the door saying my movie wouldn't start until 9:30 because of technical difficulties. i've decided to spend the next couple of hours in the cafe, as it's an opportunity to read and write and pretend like i'm traveling alone in some strange town. besides, this computer is nicer than mine.

the movie that i will now see at 9:30 is "a history of violence." i'm a little nervous, because as the title implies, it is apparently quite violent. i am intrigued however, as david cronenberg is a good director and i have a thing for viggo mortensen. yes, i admit it. though i would certainly prefer to have dan at my side as i watch the unfolding of this particular film. he is giving tashi a bath however, while i fiddle around in a cafe on a wednesday night.

i did call dan to let him know that i would be home later than expected and the phone call was actually a source of amusement. the only payphone on the downtown mall seems to be the one in a dark, smokey bar called miller's. it is at the top of a mysterious stairwell in a phone booth. a real phone booth with a seat and a door that folds shut. i thought that was really novel. in a world of cell phones ye old phone booth seems to be obsolete.

my life must be pretty boring.

on other fronts, tashi announced today that she is going to be the queen in her class play. what could be better than that? she, by the way, is reading like mad lately. being a waldorf child, we weren't really sure when the reading thing would actually kick in. people admonished us and said our child would be illiterate because waldorf teaches reading so much later than most schools these days. but actually, she is far from illiterate. it is such an amazing thing to see her curled up on the couch with a nose in a book. she's already gobbled up one chapter book i picked up for her at the library, and now she is reading an old favorite, "ramona the pest."

i can't help but feel everyone waiting in line for their latte or chai or mocha is reading over my shoulder. it's a strange feeling. so i'm going to sign off now and read my book. write in my journal. sip tea. and eventually, go to a violent movie alone.

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sb said...

that is awesome about tashi and reading!!! so amazing too to think back to just this last summer when she would declare that she couldn't read, or would haltingly sound out some words... and now she's reading chapter books!!!! that is amazing and awesome. i definitely felt like jake was pushed to read too early in public school, but... not my child, not my choice!!! i definitely want ot hear more about your decision to send her to waldorf and about waldorf in general...