Tuesday, March 07, 2006

tashi's spring poem, circa 2003

i was going through some old stuff today and i came across this poem that tashi dictated to me about three years ago (she was five). i thought it might be appropriate to post as spring equinox approaches. emma bean, by the way, is a favorite stuffed rabbit.

The flowers bloom
In the spring
They bend and twirl in the wind
The crickets chirp
In the breeeze
The ladybugs dance
On the hill
The breeze is bending all the trees
The kids come out and pick the flowers
The cuckoo birds come out of the clocks
and say cuckoo cuckoo
The cats purr outside
Lamps light up in the street
Emma Bean stays in the house
Playing with her toys about
Tashi comes out and reads with her mom
After her mom has watered the plants
The chairs rock while people knit
And birds chirp in the breeze
Butterflies dance in the trees
Then night comes and takes over the sun

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missladie said...

i love it. tashi lives in an idyllic world