Wednesday, February 28, 2007

fairy house

the other day tashi and i were looking at a book called fairyhouses. it was full of photographs of miniature houses made from twigs, berries, moss, stones, pods and other bits of nature. when we got back home tashi wanted to make a fairy house but it was dark, wet and cold outside. so we used what we had on hand and built a little fairy house under a small table. we piled up some stones, pulled a poinsettia leaf as a welcome mat, and filled a shell with water (an outdoor hot tub of course). tashi sprinkled everything with sage.

on the left, the upturned shells are seats, with a small flat stone for a coffeetable. there is a houseplant made of coral, a fireplace, and the beautiful shell with a spiral, well, it's an entertainment center of sorts. on the right there is a stove. it's cut out of the close up, but next to the stove is a shelf full of red berries. provisions.

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Sunflower said...


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