Saturday, February 03, 2007

our day in pictures

this morning we made imbolg candles.

tashi was a little frustrated by the process, as the petals on the taller candles kept falling off. so a heavy duty playmobil session was in order.

afterwards we had an imbolg lunch of orange and yellow foods to represent light and warmth.

and then we started our spring cleaning by taking some stuff to salvation army and then of course acquiring a few things. i just loved this little cup with it's little graphic of a peaceful seat.

and we found a chariot for the bed & breakfast bears. these bears have been a part of our family for some time now, and they are the main characters in many stories of great adventure.

i also found this cute little cup for tashi. she often likes to have tea before bed and small cups suit her.

i found a few cd's too. one is a live recording of such greats as zakir hussain and ustad sultan khan and bill laswell performing live in san francisco's stern grove. when i was checking it out at home i realized it was a two cd set with the first cd missing. oh well, it was still worth the one dollar.

i'm not sure what got into me but i purchased these hideous dino pillowcases. i figured the graphic of birds and a little boy and a dino holding an exit sign was silly enough that i could use the fabric for the lining of something. perhaps a bag.

and now we're going to eat blackened cajun catfish cooked by dan. mmmmmmmmmmm.

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