Sunday, February 11, 2007

sunday stack up

oh glorious sunday full of housecleaning.

yesterday was full of fun. first i made almond sugar cookies and lentil zuchini dal. then tashi and i went to the family art jam at the uva art museum. the subject(s) of the day were indian miniature painting and african masks. we filled details into our own indian miniatures and then made our own masks. at some point tashi turned to me with a huge grin and said, "i looooooooove this."

after art jam we took our cookies and dal up to the waldorf school for the "family valentine's music night." there was good turn out and tons of great music. from bluegrass to surf to african drumming. guess who is in the surf band. my husband! even though i saw dick dale in san francisco and he was awesome, surf has never been my genre of choice. but seeing my handsome guy up there on stage creating a rockin' sound with a bunch of other great musicians makes my lil' heart skip a beat. the kids went wild for the stuff and were buffing the floor with their bodies, storming the stage and staring at the musicians with dreamy eyes. it was good clean fun. and after tashi stopped jumping around like a pogo stick, she actually danced with me.

i forgot to bring the camera though.

today i've got to prepare the house for sissy and bagus and baby tucker who will be arriving thursday. and tashi and i are going to make valentine chocolates with her candy making kit. and i'm going to rearrange tashi's tiny room. there is a door to a crawl space in her room and she's convinced that monsters lurk on the other side. so it's time to get her bed away from it and cover it with a bookshelf. and finally the collage, which is already underway, but is a silly one indeed.

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