Wednesday, April 09, 2008

freecycle singer

oh how lovely. today i was gifted with an antique singer sewing machine, through the amazing freecycle program. to add to the fun, the giver was a fellow blogger. equally wonderful to receiving this amazing vintage sewing machine was meeting tracey and her precious baby girl, willa, on their beautiful sugar hollow property. i love it when the online world becomes onland.

i came home and before even unloading the groceries i plugged in the sewing machine and listened to its pretty hum. it works! it has a light! it's so solid and handsome.

i will have to find a manual to figure out how to thread it. hopefully then i will endeavor to make some special items on it. there is something so pleasing about it's purr! its ebony glean. the golden filigree. its iron years.

gazing at it i can't help but wonder whose hands originally worked it. was she a young girl? a grandma? was it given to her as a beloved gift, or did she work hard to pay for this tool herself? did she find peace and satisfaction in sewing garments for her children, cloths for her table? or was she weighed down with domestic demands, this being yet another shackle?

i am so fortunate to have been given this, simply, out of the blue. there are no demands on me to produce from it. with such freedom, its possibilities broaden. my enthusiam grows.

soon, happy machine, you will be threaded and singing your favorite song.


Tracey said...

Can't wait to see what you create with the Singer. I am so glad it found such a deserving home. Have fun with it!

Mediterranean Views said...

I had one just like this that I inherited from my grandmother. I left it back with her when I moved to Spain, and I think my aunt sold it when she died. I don't do anything in any manner with a needle and thread anymore, but I did manage to make a few things with that simple, reliable, lovely machine. Enjoy yours!
Glad to see your elf has come into Spring. Amy

annie kelleher said...

that is so beautiful and much like the one i have from my grandmother's house. mine, too, still works, and i love using it... its so heavy duty and strong and it makes beautiful, simple seams...